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Our milk specialties
Milk can be used as a raw material to produce other healthy foods. Milk and milk products contain many valuable elements from Nature that the human body needs daily. Approximately 75% of the recommended mean daily requirement of calcium and vitamins B2 and B12 are provided by 500 ml milk.

"Home-made" yoghurts 
The creamy, slightly acid yoghurt is very painstakingly produced for you. Over 20 homemade varieties in 180 gram and 500 gram containers.

Now there is also skimmed-milk yoghurt for the figure-conscious. 
Skimmed-milk yoghurt flavours: 
Apricot, strawberry, forest-berries and natural in 180gr. and 500gr containers.

Milk from the juicy, green Jura Mountain pastures of Corgémont with their unique herbs gives the milk its full aroma and is ready to be enjoyed, pasteurised or unpasteurised.
Whey drinks 
For dieting, elimination and metabolism cures, in mango & William pear flavours.

Low-fat curd, natural half-fat curd, Fruit curds in apricot, strawberry and forest-berry flavours.

It is our policy to process as ecologically as possible without long travel times - from the farmer to the cheese-dairy for processing and directly to the consumer, thanks to our own village shop as well as the Bern-Liebefeld, Grenchen and Soncebonz outlets.