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How connoisseurs enjoy the Tête de Moine
The Tête de Moine, in contrast to other swiss cheeses, should not be cut. Its secret - the flowery-spicy aroma - reveals itself only if it is shaved with feeling.

For this reason, one starts by cutting a slice approximately 0.5 to 0.8 centimetres thick off the top of the cheese. This can be reused to cover the cheese afterwards in order to protect it.
The outermost layer of the rind is then scraped away all round with a knife (approximately one millimetre or according to taste).

With the "girolle" or skirret, or a vertically held knife, layer-by-layer the cheese can be carefully shaved away to form rosettes. Incidentally, the finest and most beautiful rosettes are obtained by not pressing too heavily on the skirret when turning.

The rosettes are not only an outstanding cheese delicacy but they are also ideally suited to decorating artistic cheese platters. Tête de Moine rosettes plus a few grapes and a scattering of nuts will make any cheese platter into a masterpiece in no time at all.

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