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About our Company
The Corgément cheese-dairy - a family business with tradition

The Corgémont cheese-dairy is in the centre of the village of the same name in the St-Immer Valley, 3 km from the Sonceboz exit of the Transjura motorway in the north-western part of Switzerland.

It is well known that Switzerland in general has an old tradition of cheese-production. This cheese-dairy society was first mentioned in 1893 when 37 milk-suppliers joined forces to process their milk together. The present-day cheese-dairy building was put up in 1897. Over the years, this cheese-dairy has produced many different kinds of cheese. Initially, it was Emmental, then Gruyère.

In 1992, it switched to producing the Tête de Moine, which required major rebuilding, and high investments.

The cheese-dairy is also run together with a pigsty in which the whey from the cheese-making process is used as swine-feed.

Since 1 November 1998, Roger Schwab is the twelfth milk-buyer to run the Corgément cheese-dairy. Milk-buyer is the term used for those cheese-makers who buy up the milk from the farmers and process it at their own risk.

The Corgémont cheese-dairy is a family-owned business. In addition to the owner, the team includes three additional cheese-makers and two apprentices, a sales manager and six assistant saleswomen.